Building a printing/painting board

Sometimes the urge to work on something art-related, without having to commit to an actual project, can lead to lots of ridiculous time-filling projects that are technically art-related but don’t actually help you finish any current project or further your art in the present moment. (Like taking the time to re-organize and re-fold all your fabric by color and style:  it doesn’t probably help the project you’re working on, but at some later date it will be really useful to have all that pink fabric together. In theory.)

However, odds are good for me at least, that the present day time-wasting project will someday prove useful. For instance, there have been times when having a really organized fabric collection–with, yes, all those pink prints together–made starting the next project so much easier. So I tend to think of these art-related-but-not-art projects in terms of their future payoff:  doing them now allows me to try something else in the future.

Case in point:  Last weekend, when I already had about 15 unfinished, midway-accomplished, needs something else projects, sitting in my art closet, I made this padded board to print or paint on.

I covered a board with a layer of batting and muslin, and carefully wrapped the padding around the board and stapled it in place. Normally printing pads don’t call for any feet but I added little wooden strips to elevate the pad above the worktable. (I’m a messy painter, so I’m hoping this protects whatever I’m working on from any splotches of paint or water on my work surface).

The real question is, What am I going to do with this?

The answer is, I will need a printing pad like this Someday. And now I have one. Let’s hope I actually do something with it!