Opening Night Update!

Thanks to everyone who came to the ART: Healing Lives show opening on Friday night! The Textile Center was packed and the show really looked great (as did my guests!).

In addition to ART: Healing Lives, there are two other exhibits featured at the Textile Center this month. There is a pretty spectacular Scandinavian Boundweave exhibit by members of the Weavers Guild. You can check out the exhibit online here.

In the back of the Center, the walls are lined with a youth exhibit titled, “I am From…”. The exhibit features poems and small quilts from local 6th grade students, following the model of the poem “Where I am From” by George Ella Lyons. The first stanza of the original poem reads:

I am from clothespins, / from Clorox and carbon-tetrachloride. / I am from the dirt under the black porch. / (Black, glistening / it tasted like beets.) / I am from the forsythia bush, / the Dutch elm / whose long gone limbs I remember / as if they were my own.

The results of the students’ efforts range from funny to poignant. You can read the original poem in full here.