rainy day card

Here’s a stitched card to say, “Happy Spring” or, “Isn’t this awful weather we’re having?” (Unless of course you are in the middle of this Minneapolis heatwave. Ugh.)

And when you open it up, the umbrella shows up on the reverse:

I stitch these cards one a time, freehand on my machine (by that I mean no computers, just my mad sewing skills), so each one is slightly different. I think they would also be appropriate for a wedding or baby “shower.”

These cards are available at The Capstone Gallery/Frame Ups in south Minneapolis (43rd and Nicollet). As you can see, they come in many colors.

Find my everyday art at Frame Ups!

Did I ever mention this? You can find my art at Frame Ups in South Minneapolis. It’s a recent undertaking–I brought in work for the miniatures show in November and then more goods for the holiday season.

At Frame Ups, you can buy my thread sketches, measuring a little over 5 by 5″, constructed from stitched cotton wrapped around a small wooden frame:

And my holiday cards–stitched by machine, using fabric scraps to make little trees:

And my holiday ornaments, shaped to look like old-fashioned glass ornaments, and stitched from a mix of vintage and contemporary cotton fabric:

Find out more about the shop here. I’m excited to have work there, so I hope it does well!