New work…re-do

study of red

I realized almost immediately after posting images of the red lily study last week that the work needed something else–that it actually wasn’t finished. Whoops.

I don’t often change work after I’ve considered it “completed,” although I do constantly revise as I am stitching and cutting fabric. Sometimes a piece will nag at me until I realize what it’s missing. For this work, I added stitching in the flower interior and added a little more contrast to the background. Lesson learned about posting too soon, although it was really helpful to see and judge the work from the distance and perspective of a blog post.

Another Floral Study

study of red lily

I’ve been working on a second floral study, following the white flower piece. I’ve also been trying to finish up a few pieces in my studio so I can move onto something new. Yay for new projects! There’s nothing like putting the hanging sleeve on a piece, signing it, and calling it “done.”

This red lily was inspired by the flowers in the test gardens on the U of Minnesota St. Paul campus. I walked the gardens in-between classes at the Split Rock workshop last summer.

detail of study of red lily

The piece is 9 1/2″ by 12″ and made with commercially-dyed cotton batiks. As usual, I used raw-edge applique and machine stitching to create the piece and add the details.

New work!

Over the last few weeks, spring arrived in Minneapolis! The last snow melted and I’ve spotted baby crocuses on the walk to Lake of the Isles.

With the weather shift and some very sunny mornings, it seemed appropriate to work on new nature-inspired  images.  I often rotate  between more “realistic” imagery and pieces that look (and feel) more abstract.

The work is probably headed to Gallery 16 in Great Falls. It is 8.5 by 11″.