The Dog Days of Summer

Did I forget to mention this? (I’m sure I did, in the blog-free days of the past few weeks.) I have work in the current show at Gallery 16: The Dog Days of Summer.

I’m showing two pieces: Bessie (the brown cow) and Clayton (the horse with blue hair), seen here:

The show is up until August 20th. Please stop by if you’re in Great Falls! More info about the gallery, here.

“A Common Thread” at The Textile Center

This is the last week to view the members’ show at the Textile Center before it comes down on February 27. “A Common Thread” features work by 90 + artists experimenting with fiber and textile arts. I went through the exhibit last weekend to check out the show, and to spy on my artwork.

The show features a variety of great work. I’m glad I finally made time to walk through it! My piece is in the front gallery in a terrific location.

See my work in the new Gallery 16 show!

I’m pleased to announce that I have work in the current show at Gallery 16 in Great Falls!

The show features 48 of the gallery’s consignors, to showcase the work of artists who sell through Gallery 16. The gallery was founded by and is run by a collection of creative women, with the goal of highlighting contemporary artwork and artists from Montana.

Gallery 16 turned 40 this year! 40 years of contemporary art in Great Falls…. wow. I hadn’t thought about how cool that was–and about the power of being a women-run business–until they had this big anniversary and that kind of put it in perspective.

Join them this Friday, Jan 7, for the First Friday Artwalk and the official opening for this exhibit. I’m told my piece looks good. (According to my very artistic mother–who is a Gallery 16 member and will be at the opening…)

Find my everyday art at Frame Ups!

Did I ever mention this? You can find my art at Frame Ups in South Minneapolis. It’s a recent undertaking–I brought in work for the miniatures show in November and then more goods for the holiday season.

At Frame Ups, you can buy my thread sketches, measuring a little over 5 by 5″, constructed from stitched cotton wrapped around a small wooden frame:

And my holiday cards–stitched by machine, using fabric scraps to make little trees:

And my holiday ornaments, shaped to look like old-fashioned glass ornaments, and stitched from a mix of vintage and contemporary cotton fabric:

Find out more about the shop here. I’m excited to have work there, so I hope it does well!

MN State Fair

I completely forgot to post a picture from the Minnesota State Fair earlier this month! We had an amazing day–the weather was perfect, with plenty of fried foods and good folks to wander with.

Here’s me with my artwork in the Fine Arts building. (Sorry about the tank top people–I thought it was going to be a really warm day.) The work is acrylic on silk and hand-stitched. Yes–all those little squares are stitched down by hand with cotton thread.