Saturday night opening at Gallery 360

I’m part of the opening tomorrow night (Saturday) at Gallery 360. Will a lot of people attend? I sure hope so.

I have work in a five foot section in the very front of the gallery, featuring four new stitched images. I’m excited, and nervous, to see what kind of reaction they evoke. It’s quite a different beast to view work through the filter of a screen (like reading this blog) versus seeing the actual work in person, and so far not many people have seen them in person. I feel confident in what I’ve created, but I always want the theoretical viewer to “get” what I’ve done.

Anyway, I am hoping for the best! And by the best, I mean “to sell everything and have it be totally affirmed that I am on the right track.” But I will also be satisfied with a fun and well attended opening. Please come!

holiday sale this weekend

I’m excited (and a little nervous) to be participating in Finch’s Holiday Time Boutique this weekend. I mean, I dropped off a box of stuff but there’s a nervousness that comes along with that. (Thoughts like, “What if nothing sells and my work just takes up lots of room and the organizer is annoyed and wish she’d never heard of me?” Really helpful thoughts like that.)

But in any case, the invite:

One cool thing is that each vendor makes a donation (through the event) to the American Cancer Society. Another cool thing is the organizer, Elisa, takes care of everything:  the setup, sales and inventory, refreshments, and a blog promoting the event. Elisa is even making things for the sale. How does she find the time?

For more information, and to window shop the vendors, go the boutique blog site, here. I’m selling demi-aprons, sets of coasters, stitched cards, ornaments, and hand-dyed silk scarves. I’m hoping to find a really cool ornament for my book club exchange.

Save the Date: upcoming holiday show!

Hey all–I’m pleased to announce I have work in the annual holiday show and sale at the Textile Center. This is first time I’ve had work for sale in their shop. The grand opening weekend is November 11-13. Quoth the Textile Center’s show postcard: “No matter your holiday budget, you will find plenty to give and treasure.” The show runs November 1 through December 30.

For a full list of participants, and for more info about the Textile Center, go here. Oh yeah–and here’s the front of the postcard:

You can spy my work in the bottom row (the striped ornaments). I’ll also have stitched cards for sale.

On a (kind of) related note, was anyone else watching Game 6* last night? Normally I get quite a bit of mindless busywork done while watching baseball–stitching business cards, pressing fabric, cutting strips for ornaments and such–figuring that I can listen and always stop to watch the biggest plays. But last night there were so many dropped fly balls, and errant throws, and lead changes, that I did not dare use a rotary cutter for fear of slicing off my finger tip. The boyfriend went to bed early but I don’t know how he slept through all the shouting.

*Of the World Series. Not the Michael Keaton-starring, Don Delillo-written-screenplay movie, which is actually pretty decent.

Art Squared fundraiser

Anyone going to Art Squared, the Stevens Square neighborhood fundraiser on Saturday? Here’s my donation:

I call it “prairie church”, a thread sketch measuring a little over 5″ by 5″. Made from cotton fabric and thread with freehand machine stitching, it’s wrapped around a wooden frame and ready to hang.

There will be lots of great art at reasonable prices! And the way cool poster was designed by my friend Abby. Check it out here at her blog and read all the event details.

See my work in the new Gallery 16 show!

I’m pleased to announce that I have work in the current show at Gallery 16 in Great Falls!

The show features 48 of the gallery’s consignors, to showcase the work of artists who sell through Gallery 16. The gallery was founded by and is run by a collection of creative women, with the goal of highlighting contemporary artwork and artists from Montana.

Gallery 16 turned 40 this year! 40 years of contemporary art in Great Falls…. wow. I hadn’t thought about how cool that was–and about the power of being a women-run business–until they had this big anniversary and that kind of put it in perspective.

Join them this Friday, Jan 7, for the First Friday Artwalk and the official opening for this exhibit. I’m told my piece looks good. (According to my very artistic mother–who is a Gallery 16 member and will be at the opening…)