Happy Chinese New Year!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, I stitched these little fortune cookies out of felt.

Each one has a little paper fortune inside, written in my wee handwriting. I gave this set to Cathy of Gather Gourmet (where I work part time folding potstickers and keeping Cathy on her toes) in celebration of the new year and her appearance on the Kare 11 morning show last weekend.

Happy Year of the Rabbit everyone. (Thanks for the idea Jo-Z!)

Find my everyday art at Frame Ups!

Did I ever mention this? You can find my art at Frame Ups in South Minneapolis. It’s a recent undertaking–I brought in work for the miniatures show in November and then more goods for the holiday season.

At Frame Ups, you can buy my thread sketches, measuring a little over 5 by 5″, constructed from stitched cotton wrapped around a small wooden frame:

And my holiday cards–stitched by machine, using fabric scraps to make little trees:

And my holiday ornaments, shaped to look like old-fashioned glass ornaments, and stitched from a mix of vintage and contemporary cotton fabric:

Find out more about the shop here. I’m excited to have work there, so I hope it does well!

HandMade HolidayMart recap!

Thanks to everyone who attended the first (maybe annual?) HandMade HolidayMart! Despite the snow storm from the day before, a lot of happy shoppers came to browse that afternoon. The potstickers and beautiful jewelry were a big hit! I ended up selling coasters, thread sketches, ornaments, bookmarks, aprons and stitched cards.

Here’s a few pictures from the event, starting with one Allison took of my display. (I took about 5 pics before my camera batteries died, so I will just have to remember the event.)

My thanks to Allison from potpourri, Cathy from Gather Gourmet, and, of course, our host Shelly!