holiday sale this weekend

I’m excited (and a little nervous) to be participating in Finch’s Holiday Time Boutique this weekend. I mean, I dropped off a box of stuff but there’s a nervousness that comes along with that. (Thoughts like, “What if nothing sells and my work just takes up lots of room and the organizer is annoyed and wish she’d never heard of me?” Really helpful thoughts like that.)

But in any case, the invite:

One cool thing is that each vendor makes a donation (through the event) to the American Cancer Society. Another cool thing is the organizer, Elisa, takes care of everything:  the setup, sales and inventory, refreshments, and a blog promoting the event. Elisa is even making things for the sale. How does she find the time?

For more information, and to window shop the vendors, go the boutique blog site, here. I’m selling demi-aprons, sets of coasters, stitched cards, ornaments, and hand-dyed silk scarves. I’m hoping to find a really cool ornament for my book club exchange.